Control Your Music Anytime, From Anywhere

Stream from the equipment you already have or use our dedicated CloudBox music player.


Streaming from CloudBox

The majority of our customers appreciate having a reliable, dedicated, set-and-forget CloudBox to play music and messages. Once the CloudBox is plugged into an ethernet connection or WiFi is configured, it will connect to CloudMusic and start playing the music or messages you have selected from your account.

Tamper resistant

Limit access to prevent people changing music or messages to protect your brand

Remotely controlled

(including volume) from the web or mobile

Locally stored music

Automatically plays if the network connection is interrupted and auto resumes when restored


Auto-restart if power outage occurs

Simple plug-and-play setup

WiFi (2.4 and 5 GHz) requires a little configuration to join the network

Includes RCA connector for Aux connection

RCA to an amp or powered speaker from the 3.5mm line out

Locally stored music

Automatically plays if the network connection is interrupted and auto resumes when restored

Remotely controlled

(including volume) from the web or mobile

Bluetooth 5.1

HDMI, and SPDIF can be used if desired

Purchase price of $139.95 (plus tax & shipping) CAD. CloudBoxes are ordered from your CloudMusic account.


Streaming from your mobile device

Stream from a mobile device by connecting through an amplifier, Bluetooth, AirPlay (iOS) or Chromecast (Android). The iOS, Android and Amazon apps are downloadable for free on iOS 11+, Android 5.1+, and Amazon Fire Tablet.

Keep in mind that Amber alerts, phone calls, and other apps can cause interruptions, so consider disabling other activities on the device that you don’t want your customers to hear! Kiosk Mode is a quick configuration to lock the device and avoid interruptions.

Streaming from your computer

Log into your account in a web browser to stream directly to any connected amp or amplified speakers. The computer can be connected using a headphone/line out with RCA into your amplifier or 3.5mm line into amplified speakers.

Your computer may also support playing wireless Bluetooth speakers (range 30-60 feet based on manufacturer), Chromecast from Chrome, or AirPlay. See this equipment guide to help understand the options that may best suit your needs.

To make things simple, if you operate multiple locations you can create a bookmark (Auto Login URL) for each location that is “click-and-go”, with the stations, mixes and schedules of your administrators’ choosing.

Note for Apple Safari browser: tabs that are not in the foreground will “sleep”, so make sure the tab playing music is in its own window!
CloudMusic MacBook Pro

Native integration

Stream music and messaging through your existing Sonos system with our native integration. Visit Streaming Through Sonos Speakers for more setup information.

Visit Streaming Through Sonos Speakers for more setup information.

Frequently asked questions

Quick answers to questions you may have. Can't find what you're looking for? Check out our knowledgebase page

All you need to use the CloudMusic service is your computer, speakers and an RCA or auxiliary cable. You can also use your iOS or Android device, such as a phone or tablet, to control your music.

We recommend using our proprietary CloudBox streaming device to fully take advantage of CloudMusic. The sleek design of the CloudBox delivers fewer stream interruptions, easy setup and a host of other exciting features.
CloudMusic pays all royalties and fees for the background music you stream from our service into your business - so you don’t have to worry. Learn more about Music Licensing for Businesses in Canada
Absolutely! CloudMusic offers a full enterprise solution that makes it easy to play and manage music at all your businesses’ locations – whether you have two stores or 2,000.
Yes! We have live support available Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM Pacific with limited hours on Saturday. You can reach support by:

Phone: 1844-263-8200 Email:

Our helpful team of agents can help provide proper tech support and answers about all aspects of the CloudMusic service.

Still have questions?

Visit our Support Center for more information on installation & configuration, how-to’s, licensing, music for brand, billing, and live support.

Equipment and Installation

CloudMusic has partnered with numerous audio/visual companies across Canada to offer comprehensive services. These services include design, planning, financing, and installation, all tailored to efficiently scale enterprise projects, regardless of the size of your operation.