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90s Rock - Pearl Jam

90 Rock

Business Station

Rock Classic Aerosmith

Rock Classic

Business Station

80s Pop - CyndiLauper

80s Pop

Business Station

Greatest Hits - Billy Joel

80s Greatest Hits

Business Station

Sophisticated Standards - Tony Bennett.

Creative Jazz

Business Station

70s Greatest Hits

Business Station

Metal Mania


Hip Hop Old School - Outkast

Hip Hop Old School


Family Classics - Lionel Richie

Family Classics


60s Greatest Hits James Brown

60s Greatest Hits


Golden Oldies - Brenda Lee

Golden Oldies


About Us

Music expresses and influences our emotions

CloudMusic was established with the belief that the right music at the right time can enhance ambiance and inspire positive emotions and behaviors for a better overall experience.

Our ongoing challenge is to identify and meet the needs of both our customers and their clients. We aim to understand their goals and assist them in achieving them.

We provide clean, ad-free, targeted music and overhead messages at the right time.

Additionally, we provide guidance to help our customers maintain branding consistency.

With numerous locations across the US and Canada using CloudMusic, we are well-versed in the operational, IT, and legal challenges associated with running a large-scale music service, including the intricacies of Public Performance licensing.

We have developed a cost-effective and reliable solution to avoid fines and complex paperwork from Performing Rights Organizations, ensuring our customers are fully covered. Each subscription includes the necessary licensing fees and reporting, ensuring that artists and songwriters are fairly compensated for their work.

CloudMusic is a reliable, affordable, and culturally aligned partner for creating the perfect auditory atmosphere for customers.

Background Music for Business

Explore our suite of features designed to streamline your operations, drive sales, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Fully Licensed Music

Stream music legally, eliminating worries about copyright infringement and fines.


A fraction of the cost of licensing directly with PROs or other music service providers.


Millions of song combinations, with more added every month.

Audio messaging

Drive sales with in-store audio messages and announcements.

Automated scheduling

Easily schedule the music and messages that play throughout the day.

Clean lyrics

Create a professional atmosphere with family-friendly, appropriate music content.

Discover what sets CloudMusic apart from the rest.

CloudMusic sets itself apart with tailor-made playlists, adaptive algorithms, licensing compliance, brand identity customization, detailed analytics, and a vast licensed library, ensuring an unmatched music experience for businesses.

More than streaming music

Personal Streaming

Million songs


Song-by-song playlist creation

Artist playlists

Explicit lyric filter

Legal for business


Ready-made playlists for business

Centralized music management

In-store audio messages and announcements

Multi-location & zone management

Manage from anywhere

Start streaming music today!