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Create a unique sound for your business

1M+ song combinations, 220+ curated stations with flexible customization.


Hundreds of stations spanning every genre, mood, and era

With millions of tracks and hundreds of expertly crafted stations, you are sure to find the right sound for your business.

Artist Stations

Thousands of Artist Stations, from The Beatles to Beyoncé

Explore an expansive collection of over 10,000 Artist Stations powered by AI to deliver and endless playlist of music similar in tone and style.

Custom Stations and Mixes

Create your own custom stations

Pick a collection of songs or artists and Pandora’s Music Genome will create a personalized station based on over 450 musical attributes like melody, rhythm, lyrics, and more.

Everything you need to create the perfect sound


Set the tone for your unique business

From boutique cafes to bustling retail spaces and everything in between, our diverse music catalog caters to businesses of all types and sizes.

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Music for Restaurants

Create a captivating dining experience with CloudMusic's premier streaming solution.

Our expertly curated music pairs perfectly with every dish, elevating your guests' enjoyment. Cultivate an enchanting atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression, ensuring your restaurant, bar, or coffee shop stands out in their memories.

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Music for Retail

CloudMusic curated playlists will transform every corner, from the storefront to the stockroom.

Our services effortlessly intertwine your brand’s voice with rich, complementary musical selections, fostering delightful customer journeys and uplifting your retail environment.

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Music for Health & Beauty

CloudMusic provides an eclectic array of licensed music, allowing you to create an atmosphere that resonates with your brand and enhances client engagements, ensuring every interaction is finely tuned to perfection.

Energize your space with our thoughtfully curated music, designed to promote wellness, relaxation, and vitality, fostering an inspiring ambiance for clients and practitioners alike.

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Music for Service & Hospitality

Lighten up every moment within the hospitality vertical with CloudMusic’s expansive selection. Curate enchanting auditory experiences that effortlessly mingle with each nuance of your services, embracing guests with a melodic welcome.


Over 200 stations curated specifically for businesses

Our collection of Business Stations is fully lyric-checked for mature content and professionally curated with businesses in mind


Create the perfect vibe with custom stations and mixes

Craft your own personalized mix stations to enjoy a seamless flow of music perfectly tailored to your unique business.


Complete control of your music and messaging - from anywhere

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Overhead Audio Messaging

Speak to your customers when it matters most. Use fully integrated audio messaging to promote products and services, provide important information, welcome guests, and enhance the overall customer experience.

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Music & Message Scheduling

Easily schedule the music and messages that play throughout the day. With daypart scheduling, you have full control over the music and messages that plays at any given time, ensuring an optimal experience for your customers, clients, or employees.

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Multi-Location & Zone Management

Set up audio zones to customize music in different areas of your business—no matter how many locations you have.

Flexible Pricing

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$ 27.95 /mo

CAD, per location, prepaid annually
For multi-location businesses that want centralized control.          

$ 35.95 /mo

CAD, per location, prepaid annually
For businesses that want overhead audio messaging.      


Tailored music, advanced support and white-glove service.

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All plans include

  • Public Performance Licenses for CAN and USA
  • 1M+ song combinations, 220+ curated stations
  • Streaming from any device, no hardware required
  • Zones for multiple areas within a location
  • License and legally background music with clean lyrics
  • AI-powered personalized music stations
  • Unlimited industry-leading customer support
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